PLEASE NOTE: Rising Lemuria is only open to those who have completed the Remembering Lemuria experience, the first level of the Lemurian School of Remembering.  If you are just beginning your journey of remembering please visit the
Remembering Lemuria page. 

Together We Are Rising!

Aloha dear Lemurian Sisters and Brothers!  I am SO excited you are considering continuing on our path that we began together in the Remembering Lemuria experience.  Now we are ready to continue to open to the codes of light that are living inside of us, activating the ancient wisdom within – and most importantly – RISE from the slumber of forgetting and BRING these remembered gifts back into our communities and families as sacred offerings of service.  You and I, we made a commitment long long ago, to learn as much as we can, to love as much as we can, and to open to this life as much as we can – through the reclamation of the gifts that we stored deep within our DNA.  These codes have been laying dormant, waiting for the right moment to arise…

That moment is NOW.

My intuition was screaming at me to enroll in Rising Lemuria, and not to wait.  I knew I had to continue to dive as deep as I could into my journey of Remembering.  I was hoping to experience further embodiment of myself as a Lemurian priestess, and to broaden my personal understanding of the Lemurian frequencies. This was definitely a goal that materialized.

Through this journey, my expectations were fully met. I have three very real trajectories that I am now being called to explore very deeply – sound healing with crystal bowls, my connection to the seven sacred flames, and the embodiment of my divine feminine. All three of these paths came to me through the memories, integrations, and activations that came through as a result of Rising Lemuria.

The biggest take away has been a complete and unabashed KNOWING that Lemuria was my home for many many lifetimes, and a real understanding of what life there felt like, and HOW we are meant, in this lifetime, to bring those frequencies back into our physical reality.  As a direct result of this course, I’ve experienced sacred journeys on my own, deepened my sound healing practice, remembered more of my Lemurian abilities, and manifested and embarked on a physical journey to Maui to anchor into the Lemurian frequencies more concretely.  There is so much I feel confident in exploring and utilizing as a result of this course.


Cosmic Vibrational Healer and Priestess, Phillidephia, PA

I chose to sign up for Rising Lemuria to integrate even more Lemurian energies, and to connect with a like-minded community!  Since taking the course, I’ve noticed that the more I remember these ways of being that really resonate with me, the more I take this energy into my everyday life – which allows for me to be more of who I truly am. I loved it. Rakai’el has created something amazing!

Erin McDermott

Sound alchemist, Sedona, AZ, @Erinmcd888

I signed up for Rising Lemuria because I wanted to continue swimming in the Lemurian frequency, and discover more ways on how to embody this energy more fully.  I hoped to experience more downloads and memories, and to awaken more hidden gifts. I had so many unexpected activations – my expectations were greatly surpassed!  I’ve incorporated so many of the teachings from this course into my daily routine.  The biggest take-away from this experience for me was the activation of the 7 rays. I experienced life-changing dreams and visions that will help launch me into my dharma.  After one of these activations, all of my cells were vibrating for the rest of the day, and I felt realigned with my Higher Self and completely at home in this space.

I wouldn’t change anything about this course!  I enjoyed the conversations on the replays (I wasn’t always able to make the Live calls) and loved hearing what everyone had to share.  I also liked the conversations in the private group space, and always felt seen and appreciated in the container.  I’ve been swimming in the Lemurian frequency basically this entire year and my life has totally changed for the better! Rakai’el is the resource Queen! I feel like I have so many avenues to explore, and topics to pursue. Remembering & Rising Lemuria have jumpstarted all these threads within me.  Thank you for providing such inspirational content. (Also thank you for the crystal in the Activation package!) Your devotion is very much appreciated.


Diamond Ray Priestess

Since the course began, I’ve experienced a great development of my intuition.  I’ve been open to and receiving many more messages from the world, especially the physical world, and noticing patterns and synchronicities.  I wasn’t expecting so much shift in my life, and to receive so many tools! Rising Lemuria really is a value-packed course. Rakai’el delivered the information with enthusiasm and a good balance of information.  


Lemurian Skywatcher, Huntington Beach, CA, @cherismagic

The decision to join Rising Lemuria was a calling deep within my heart and bones. The different classes looked so extraordinary and exciting.  I was hoping to develop a deeper knowing and development of who I truly am through experiencing the frequency and incredible classes that are in the course.  Rising Lemuria is such a wonderful progression from the Remembering Lemuria experience – it’s such a creative and magical experience. Since taking this course I have seen changes in my personal awareness, sovereignty, expression, freedom, and flow.  I have become more confident in expressing my spirituality and magic, and I have been able to speak more openly about my truth on social media. I’ve also been able to take more risks – to reach for things that light me up rather than to play it safe.  My career has taken lots of interesting new routes and I truly feel like I am living in alignment with what I want to do. I have been given lots of exciting opportunities and I’m excited about what is next.  Even though as a therapist I have created safe spaces for many years, I have become so much more sovereign in my energetic awareness and in the facilitation of healthy energy energetic boundaries.  I am able to come out of the magical closet more and find myself, who I truly am. Rakai’el is such a powerful mentor and role model in the way she expresses who she truly is on a daily basis.

Since taking the course, more has happened than I could have ever imagined. I now allow myself to trust and know that what is best for me is on its way. It is such a wonderful feeling to be excited about how things are going to turn out, and what new developments are in my future.  There have been so many shifts and I couldn’t even imagine not doing this course. It has been a joyful magnificent experience. I have embodied so much of what we have learned and Remembered together. I have tears in my eyes writing this as the container Rakai’el creates is a portal to infinite possibilities, she keeps us all so safe and free to explore the richness of our individual rememberings and awakenings.  She holds space for us in such a beautiful loving manner, and creates such a magical safe space for this experience to be truly spiritually supported.  The quality of Rakai’el’s content is amazing.  She teaches in a way that is perfect for me, empowering, creative, dynamic and nurturing. It has been the biggest and best catalyst of my life. I have loved every single minute of it all so much. I am so grateful for all that you do and all you are xxx

Melissa King

Shamanic Dragon Priestess, Manchester, UK

What inspired me to take Rising Lemuria, was a natural continuation of the work, discoveries and connections made during Remembering Lumeria that I hoped to help evolve my understanding of my own unfolding gifts and talents and how to integrate them on my path of purpose. The number of people of such high vibration and frequency that have come into my realm since the course(s) is remarkable. Co-creating community has been one of my biggest take-aways. I’ve also been able to delve deeper into some ancestral memories and re-open some portals to places and experiences I have yet to explore further. My Universe is just so much bigger now!


Pascoag, RI

I was inspired to dive into Rising Lemuria to fully integrate Lemurian frequency in my body, soul, emotional body and mind’s patterns. In short, I wanted to see how else I could grow, how much farther I could stretch, and challenge myself! Reflecting back, in Rising Lemuria I faced so much Shadow throughout the course and did an immense amount of healing work. This course pushed me to finally face my fears of publishing the oracle deck I created in Remembering Lemuria. My biggest takeaway from Rising Lemuria was how much work I still have to do in my growth journey, but equally how much excitement I have to do so and how much support I have from this community in doing so!

Sasha, Bronx

Consciousness Evolution Guide, NY

I invite you to journey with us, all five of us magical, powerful teachers and guides, committed to your expansion and empowerment through all that we do.  Travel with us deep into your cellular memory, to find and retrieve those hidden glimmers of hope, understanding, and profound sacred contribution to the Earth and her people at this time.  Let us lift to the surface all of those ancient memories of how to work with energy, the power of your voice, how do embody higher frequencies, communicate with plants, stars, Light & color, and how to see the connections across all timelines, revealing the Truth.

We are all one, here to serve with love in all that we do.

Meet Your Guides

Rakai’el Webb is an internationally known Sound Healer and Founder of the Lemurian School of Remembering. Her sacred songs of awakening activate the remembrance of hidden wisdom, gifts, and talents we carry from past or parallel lifetimes.  She is passionate about empowering others to remember their gifts, and supporting them to create innovative solutions through sacred service during this time of shift on our planet.

Rakai’el has a special gift for seeing the latent potential in someone and providing the most appropriate experience to activate this potential.

Rakai’el is a clairsentient Lemurian Priestess, Certified Heart Math Mentor, a Doctor of Metaphysics, with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In 2014 she was called to relocate to Maui, Hawaii, where she has been remembering her Lemurian lineage and transmitting these frequencies worldwide for the empowerment of all beings everywhere.

Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. While following the trail of classical vocal training, Marya’s curiosity for myth, psyche, and sound healing led her to studies in Music Therapy along with immersive training in Medical Qigong Therapy, the Yoga of Relationship, Compassionate Communication, Story-telling, Women’s Health and Esoteric Studies.

Much of her music features songs of Magdalene, the witch burning times, Avalon inspired revival, Lemurian past life memories, ancestral healing, and reweaving the threads of the forgotten Light Codes of Creation.

When she is not on stage or creating art, Marya offers her medicine as a Musical Midwife, supporting the Archetypal Embodiment Journey of her apprentices. She is a mentor in the art of voice and song craft, working with those passionate about discovering their sound codes and bringing them to life in songwriting.

Achintya Miranda Devi is the Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School, dedicated to empowering the Wild Sacred Feminine within our Global Sisterhood.  She is a Priestess of Avalon, ordained in the Temple of Isis and the Rose Lineage of the Magdalene, sharing oracle transmissions and ancient/future Priestess Arts Training in connection with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters.

Achintya is especially passionate about women reawakening their Womb Codes of Light to embody their Sovereign Divinity for lasting transformation within and to serve as Sacred Leaders in this era of great Planetary Awakening. She embodies the intersection of the living codes of Ancient Egypt & Avalon through her travels, and anchors these with the frequencies of Lemuria in her home on the island of Maui.  Achintya is also an Acupressure Therapist, Wholistic Health Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Ke’oni Hanalei is a Hawaiian alchemist, botanist, and cultural practitioner born and raised on the island of Maui. Upon birth he was hanai’d (adopted) by his grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani, who was a well known and recognized kahuna, or Hawaiian spiritual healer.  Ke’oni became entrusted with ancient Hawaiian and Lemurian/Mu secrets from his grandmother who had a premonition that he would disclose those secrets to the world when the time was “hemolele,” or perfect. As an alchemist and botanist, he owns and operates Pōhala, a line of nourishing and enriching esoteric medicines, oils, teas and other products made from native Hawaiian botanicals. His specialty is focused on endemic and indigenous Hawaiian Ferns which, as told by the Lemurian/Mu people, carry the pure codes to human emotions which he has termed “The Principles of Aloha.”


Danielle Noel is a multidisciplinary artist from Victoria, British Columbia.  She is the creator of the Starchild Tarot, Unicorns are Real, the forthcoming Moonchild Tarot, and many other incredible projects.  She is continuously inspired by the beauty and visceral magic of the West Coast.  Her work shifts between the digital realm of illustration and collage, and hands-on painting, photography, and design.  Many of her creations are thematically based in ancient symbolism, occult mysticism, and exploring the interconnection of the Divine Feminine and Energy Medicine.  Throughout her pieces you will also see traces of the mythos and stores that have captured her imagination since she was a child, including her deep connection with the land of Lemuria.

Learn more about Danielle and her bonus offering here.

What people are saying…

After journeying through Remembering Lemuria a deep awakening occurred within me. I felt a truth in this work with Rakai’el, and it was just obvious and essential for me to keep going deeper, and deeper. My prayer for Rising Lemuria was to continue to dive deeper, uncovering and reclaiming parts of me that I knew were there but didn’t know how to access. The most magnificent shifts that have occurred for me has been the reclamation of the most sacred, powerful and magical parts of myself that I had been keeping hidden and “safe” for lifetimes. I have uncovered memories of healing techniques from lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis, journeyed to parts of the Earth and the Galaxy that have deep resonance to my soul and gained much clarity on my mission and purpose for the work I am doing in this life now. The biggest take away for me has been re-connecting with my soul family! Those who have incarnated with me and joined with me in this work of remembering and those who are with me in interdimensionally. The deep communion I feel with all of these beings is what has been missing in me, until now.

Lisa Kotz

Lemurian Priestess & Energy Alchemist, New South Wales, Australia

The magic that was Remembering Lemuria inspired me to say YES to Rising Lemuria. Even though I felt like I missed a lot, I loved the network & the magic of it all, and it’s so aligned with the miraculous change I know we can bring to the planet. My expectations for this course were surpassed so so many times! I love all that Rakai’el shared. I love the wisdom, the people, the care, kindness and belief in what is possible, and being in that vibration is so powerful, uplifting and transformative. So many areas I want to explore more! The meditations are truly amazing – I will treasure and revisit them for many many years I know.
Jo Gillard

Empowerment Coach, Sydney, Australia

Our Journey

Thirteen weeks of RISING from our Remembering.  You’ve gotten the basics, and now you are ready to continue the journey!  During our time together we will be exploring more fully on some topics we covered through our Remembering, and adding in new elements with some extra special contributions from some extraordinary teachers.  You are ready to dive deeper, and move into the next level of accessing your memories and bringing them into greater service for the world.   I am SO excited for our journey together.

The Empowered Energy Body



As we dive deeper into the subtle realms, it’s important to develop a greater understanding of how energy works.  Even if you have been an Energy Worker for years, or taken my Energetic Hygiene class, there are always new things to learn. When you think you know, you don’t know.

  • Energetic inventory: permissions, invitations
  • Shields, cords, containment
  • Heart Coherence & Quantum entanglement
  • Right use of power
  • Practical exercises:
    • Clearing your field
    • Containing your field
    • Heart Coherence
    • Working with Sacred Geometry

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as soon as you sign up! 


In Lemurian times, some of the most important skills were shapeshifting and working with the crystalline Water Matrix.  This was how we communicated with other beings, plants, water, stones, and animals.  Riding along the filaments of the Web of Light, we were able to use our hearts to repattern our energy fields before misguided belief patterns could manifest into illness. We understood the power and importance of our electromagnetic fields, and consciously activated them everyday.

  • The art of shapeshifting
    • Merging with water, stones, animals
  • Working with the Web of Light
    • Filaments of light
    • Belief patterns
    • The electromagnetic field of the Heart
    • Working within the crystalline Water Matrix
    • Travelling through time and space
  • Heart Coherence Challenge

Practical exercises and Meditations.

It is time to RISE.

Prismatic Voice


Lemuria is renowned for its Sacred Sound Alchemy, sound being a primary modality for creation and healing. The depth of wisdom that Lemurians have developed inside of alchemical sound practices have been written and coded within us, and are here for our reclamation.

When we work with sound, and our voice, we are awakening our vessel as a vehicle and conduit for the great primordial magic of love to pour through us and to create its magic through us. Our light, our sound, our soul signature, our very essence is communicated in profound ways with the refinement and expansion of our holy voice.

Sound healing is the technology of the future, as sound is in the fabric of all existence. As we continue to meditate inside of the sanctuary of the remembrance of our voice as our most powerful tool, we are coming into alignment with the harmonics of our galaxy, and playing in concert with the greatest love song of all.

May we reclaim our voice, freeing our sound across all timelines in every direction.  We are arriving here, free, and ready to meet the muses of Lemuria.

It is time to RISE.


  • Voice as Instrument
    • Vocal technique
    • Proper breath support
    • Vocal pedagogy
    • Receiving melody and song
  • Voice as Alchemical Tool
    • Star song attunement
    • Energetics of singing
    • Singing as a practice of attunement with our soul essence
    • Voice as embodiment
    • Using voice to connect with past and future timelines
  • Song Craft as Soul Craft
    • The art of trance channeling
    • Song as light code architecture
    • Song as spell casting
    • Voice as the wand of light

Meditations and Practice Guides
Vocal Empowerment

Embodied Astrology


As above, so below.  We dive deeper into our relationship with the stars, and learn to walk, dance, and create with these celestial forces as powerful guides and allies.

  • Remember how to “hear” and listen for planetary energies as they flow through your life, and the lives of others.
  • Remember what particular planets & asteroids can FEEL like as they enter into your experience through transits and planetary influences.
  • Rise in your ability to co-create with these cosmic forces.

It’s time to RISE.

Press play. Lemurian Light Codes. Artwork by
Forging Mind, music by Rakai’el Webb


Astrology is best utilized in a practical and efficient way when you understand how to apply it to your daily life and work.  Here we will cover how you can better communicate with others in all areas of your life, and discover how to help them to feel safe as we navigate these planetary changes together.

  • Presentation: learning to read the Astrological signs
    • Sun, Moon, Ascendant
  • Learning styles, communication
  • What do different Signs need to feel safe & open to change

Lemurian Fern Medicine


Ancient Hawaiians revered the spiral, and the ancient people of Lemuria/Mu regularly imitated this motion as a form of honor, enlightenment, and ceremony.  Looping through a spiral is a very ancient practice which seems to have fallen into dormancy for several hundreds of years, or the time of the Hawaiian Dark Ages.  It is very similar in form to kundalini yoga and other practices such as Flow-State movement.

Ke’oni will guide you through this practice and describe the varying levels of looping and highlighting the centers in the body which are channeled.  The purpose of this practice is to assist you in developing telepathy so that this divine sense can be resourced.  Fern Medicine and understanding and translating fern transmissions have relied greatly on telepathy and looping.  Once you access your birthright of telepathy with nature you can finally be told the true tale of our holy reality.  E ola!

  Practical exercise: Looping for Telepathy

It is time to RISE


Ferns were encoded with the intelligence of human emotions, or the Principles of Aloha, during a time of great purity and harmony.  The Hawaiians know this time as Ē, Mu, or Lemuria.  Within the codex, these emotional resonances were designed to remain unstable as to ensure they could not be accessed by energies who meant to oppress them.  Through this divine instability Ferns have remained physiologically unchanged for millions of years.

Because this emotional essence could not be accessed, re-written or annihilated, an attempt was made, by malevolent forces, to control and suppress the understanding and expression of the Principles of Aloha .  These malevolent forces invented a synthetic energy which aims to inflict a perception of doubt, isolation, separateness and craving which they have named Shame.

Ke’oni will introduce you to several individual Ferns which hold the codes to Principles of Aloha, which have been greatly mistreated, misinterpreted, and to an extent rejected altogether.  Many principles have been erroneously identified with shame. Ferns/Principles such as La’akea Lama (Divine Magic), ‘ama’u (Divine Ego), and Pe’ahi (Divine Chaos) will be highlighted for discussion. This Video session will enhance a broader and more in-depth understanding of the potency of Fern Medicine as well as how the false illusion of shame is programmed to stunt the human ascension and prevent our return to pure Lemurian/Mu energy. 

Embodying the Intersection of Ancient Light Codes



What we know today as Kundalini yoga, is an evolution of the ancient Lemurian practices for working with the power of the Dragon energy that lives within us.  As you dive deeper into your memories of the ancient future, and open to the remembering of all that you are, it is important to have physical practices to help calm your mind, clear your channel, and strengthen your electromagnetic field.

In Lemurian times we worked very closely with the Dragon beings.  They were our teachers and our guides.  To assist the activation of these frequencies, Achintya will share a 40-day practice to help you learn how to harness and honor your power, and open your inner vision. 

It’s time to RISE.


The civilization of Lemuria was a seed civilization, its wisdom and frequency giving rise to many other ancient cultures after it sank into the ocean.  The Lemurian Codes of Light are the same Light Codes found in the mystery schools and temples of Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Avalon.

Sometimes our human minds want to compartmentalize things, but the truth that we knew as Lemurians was that all things are connected.  The mysteries of Egypt, Avalon, and Lemuria are connected through the ley lines of the Earth, and the star lines of the sky.  Achintya will share her lived experiences of all three of these locations, and activate a deeper understanding of their galactic connections. 

The Seven Rays Of Light


In Lemurian times we worked with light and color everyday.  These occult concepts have penetrated down through time, and we find them in esoteric texts from ancient India and into modern mystery teachings.  In Lemuria, we used these rays to organize and create.  You already hold all of the Seven Rays within you, now it is time to let them activate them and remember how to work with them as conscious co-creators.

  • Introduction to the Rays
  • Corresponding elements
    • The Sapphire Ray of Divine Will
    • The Citrine Ray of Illumination & Wisdom
    • The Ruby Ray of Cosmic Love

  • The Diamond Ray of Purification & Ascension
  • The Emerald Ray of Healing & Manifestation
  • The Golden Ray of Resurrection
  • The Amethyst Ray of Alchemy & Transmutation

Meditations and suggestions for Practical Application. 

              It is time to RISE.

Where Do We Go From Here?


This Ceremony is always pure magic!

The next step on the path of Remembering and Rising is to bring what we have been learning and rediscovering about ourselves into our communities.  We will review our journey together so far and look into the future to learn how we can rise as heart-centered leaders and champions of the Light.

Together we will CEELBRATE how far we’ve come, discuss ideas for integrating this experience in our various forms of sacred service, and explore how we can support each other as a community that is RISING strong.

We are READY to RISE.

What people are saying…

Rising Lemuria came to me at a time that I was feeling a bit stagnant, I knew I needed to make some big changes in my life and in myself – this course definitely helped me do so! Overall, I have become much more present and intentional in all that I do. I am very conscious of how everything I do creates ripples in the world around me, and how I am also interacting with the energy around me. I have been making bigger transformations in much more comfortable and pleasurable ways. It has made daily life more fun and interesting as well!

Since first starting Rising Lemuria, my life has changed in the most incredible ways, I feel so much more MYSELF, and so much more empowered to share myself with the world than ever before!! This whole magical experience is so incredibly nourishing, fulfilling, powerful, transformational and BEAUTIFUL down to the tiniest details!! This course delivered results far beyond what my human mind could ever think to expect!  The most profound shifts were how I grew to see myself and my reality. This course helped me so much to expand my belief of what is possible for me, and to allow myself to follow my path of pleasure into the unknown, trusting it will take me to the beautiful future of my dreams!

For so long I was desperately longing to return “home” to Hawaii, to Lemuria, but you helped me to rediscover that sense of home within myself. I truly can’t express how deeply grateful I am for you and this incredible offering you are sharing with the world!! I have so much love for you and all you do!!!

Laura LeClaire

Shamanic Priestess, Parker, CO, @_laura_leclaire_

I was inspired to enroll in Rising Lemuria, after Remembering Lemuria helped focus my energy in new directions, and I had a couple of intense visions that I wanted to explore further. My biggest take away from the course is that the magic is always right there – there doesn’t need to be a big ritual to get to it.  Rakai’el is very up front and encouraging about making your own magic. As a mom with little kids and a lot going on, I love the big rituals but don’t often have time for them. I use the shortened forms of many of the techniques that were taught inside of the course, and make it a self care priority. When I have the time to treat myself I do the longer ones.  I can now can tap into a variety of methods quickly and receive deeply from it.

Rakai’el’s personal story of beating Guillan Barre resonated with me, as I am working through an issue as well – one that nearly killed me a few years ago. I’m already past where anyone thought I could be with respect to treatments, and I think some part of that is why I began following Soul Star Medicine to begin with. Seeing Rakai’el deal with integrations helps me reframe what I’m working through.


Mom and Healer, Veneta, OR, @Barefootaloha

What inspired me to say YES to Rising Lemuria was how saying YES to Remembering felt. I knew this was where I needed to be surrounded and supported with this group of light workers. After Remembering I needed some way to keep channeling all the memories and creative development that had occurred. Looking back my actual experience was wayyy more of personal growth and stepping out of my comfort zone, yet at the same time the synchronicity and soul connections with fellow Rising Lemurians made it perfect.

I cannot count, name, describe, all the shifts, changes, and miracles since beginning my entire Lemurian Journey, but I can say this, ‘The time for us to Rise together for the greater good of Gaia and the Galactic Universe is NOW. So please don’t hesitate and if there is even one cell vibrating – the answer to should you join is, YES YES YES!

Renee Serrichio

(Sonor)grapher & Lemurian Lighthouse, Stuart, FL

I have developed a stronger more consistent spiritual practice doing the practices: the heart coherence, the kundalini yoga, and the breath/toning – over a period of time creates lifestyle changes and shifts in the body. I liked how we were encouraged to do a 21 day or 40 day challenge. It makes one realize the importance of discipline and intention. I was quite interested in toning a specific sounding to release and restore energy in a specific area in the body. Working with the Seven Rays may has created the most shift. Being aware of the work of each Ray, the corresponding color and the day of the week made this energy amazingly powerful and focused.

Lenora Webb

Paducah, Kentucky

I was truly called to take this next step after completing Remembering Lemuria, or rather pushed by my intuition – I had no choice, I dove into this with such a deep knowing. The Fern Medicine was calling to me. What took me by surprise was working with the 7 Sacred Flames, which weeks later are still burning brightly in ways I could not have even expected. So so so many ah-ha moments or multiple light bulbs all connecting and weaving this medicine into my life. I have finally acknowledged that little boy inside of me who just knew with every fiber of his being that he was magical.

Mark Wilson

VM & Store Experience Manager, Victoria, Australia

Bonus Lemurian Activation Packages!

3D PRESENTS!  You will also be receiving a special gift package mailed right to your door!  As we dive deeper into the realms of Remembering, it’s so wonderful to have physical objects to help make the experience even more real.  It’s so special to know that everyone else also has these same physical items to support their activation and remembering as well.

  • A very special Lemurian Seed Crystal!  These crystals come from the Serra do Cabral caves in the mountains in Brazil, where cave paintings date back 30,000-50,000 years and depict supernatural beings.  Rakai’el has also blessed each crystal in the pristine river waters, deep within the Sacred Valley of Hale Mahina (House of the Moon) on Maui.  Ancient Hawaiian legend has it that these waters originate in the Pleiadies!  Lemurian Seed Crystals are all on a mission to find their original owners that they worked with in Lemuria!  Finally it is happening!
  • Pōhala’s Lemurian Wild Fern Mist, a blend of 41 different endemic and indigenous Hawaiian Ferns plucked from the wilderness of Maui and Kaua’i island.  Made with water from the Wailuku river in Maui that runs through the sacred Īao Valley (Hale Mania, or House of the Moon).  Before the “Fall,” in order to preserve Lemurian/Mu energy, a High Council of Star Beings decided to encode the essence and purity of human emotions, traits, and virtues into Fern pollen. This spray is meant to help you remember these Lemurian codes.

Bonus Interview With Danielle Noel Of Starchild Tarot!

Danielle will be sharing an Interview where she and I will activate the ancient forms of wisdom and medicine through a discussion on the illumination of the occult, including the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, Ancient Egypt, the Akashic Records, the works of Alice Bailey, Edgar Cayce, timelines of the Egyptian pyramids, the flooding of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the influence of the Pleiadians and other Star Family on Earth.  We are going deep!  I am so excited for this conversation!

What Is Included

  • A 13 week adventure empowering you to RISE into Sacred Service as you remember your gifts from Lemurian lifetimes, facilitated by Rakai’el, with additional content from Marya, Achintya, Ke’oni, and Danielle.
    • Dates of the course: August 6th – October 30th, 2019.
    • This course is held entirely online, so you can attend from anywhere in the world!
  • Lifetime access to 13 weeks of video content with multiple videos each week, ranging from 20-60 minutes each.  All video content is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and re-watch whenever you like.
  • New video content will be released every week on Tuesdays.
  • Over 14 downloadable audio meditations that you can listen to whenever and wherever you like.
  • Three LIVE 90 minute Discuss & Process video sessions with Rakai’el
    • If you are unable to attend a LIVE session , all video sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Rising Temple (private member area).
  • One LIVE 2 hour Integration Ceremony video session with Rakai’el. Pure magic!
  • A personalized Lemurian Activation Package delivered to your door!
  • Downloadable audio meditations that you can listen to whenever and wherever you like.
  • Lifetime access to the Rising Temple.
  • Lifetime access to our Private Community Group.  This is NOT a Facebook group.
    • Some features of this Community Group: A mobile app and web interface, clear organization, secure and confidential communication.
    • This is a safe space where we can share our collective rememberings, stories, and visions.

The Rising Lemuria experience is the second part of The Lemurian School of Remembering, and is a prerequisite for advancing into the third part of the program, the Lemurian Leadership Training. 

To support our Ohana (family) who are protecting the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea, 3% of your enrollment tuition will be donated to the Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund. The Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund, prioritizes frontline logsitical support for non-violent direct actions taken to protect Mauna Kea from the construction of a telescope that would be 98” tall (30m) and have a footprint of over 7k sq ft (655 m2). The Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund prioritizes funding for frontline logistics, including provision of bail where appropriate, supplies, transportation, technical services, and community meetings convened for such purposes. 

Are you ready to RISE???

This immersive 13 week journey is valued at over


Let’s do this!!

Enrollment is currently closed.

*By purchasing this course you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, and acknowledge that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
Prices do not include mandatory Hawaii sales tax.

PLEASE NOTE: Rising Lemuria is only open to those who have completed the Remembering Lemuria experience, the first level of the Lemurian School of Remembering.  If you are just beginning your journey of remembering please visit the
Remembering Lemuria page. 

Optional: 1:1 Mentorship with Rakai’el

There is also an opportunity to dive deeper with Rakai’el through the three month Lemurian Mentorship Program.  Personalized, one-on-one, VIP Mentorship to help you integrate all you are remembering and bring your gifts to the world in sacred service.

>>> Please note that due to the deeply transformational work we will be diving into together, this Private Mentorship is only available once you have signed up for the Rising Lemuria course.

What people are saying about the Mentorship Program…

Having the Private Mentorship experience, with the extra support and individual time to truly dive deep into the material and how it manifested in my daily life was priceless. This sacred container as a whole far surpassed any expectations I had at the start. I am so glad you offered the Mentorship Program in conjunction with the class. I needed the deeper dive, processing and support to truly open to a life altering shift. Your questions taught me the words to stand toe to toe with my fear, shame, guilt and lack, listen to the shadow wisdom and then love myself back to wholeness. My love and gratitude is immense and beyond words…

Stephanie Marshall


The Mentorship Program was everything. I have found my family! Thank you for calling us and inspiring me to keep on diving and opening and being courageous. Thank you for helping me believe in my own magic and medicine. Thank you for showing me through your own living example of how to be myself every day and how to have fun with it! I’m in deep gratitude and awe, and thank our higher selves for agreeing to be here together and collaborating in this work together. 

Lisa Kotz

Lemurian Priestess & Energy Alchemist, New South Wales, Australia

PLEASE NOTE:  Remembering Lemuria is a prerequisite for enrolling in Rising Lemuria.  If you purchase Rising Lemuria and you have not completed Remembering Lemuria you will be subsequently enrolled in Remembering Lemuria instead of Rising Lemuria. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Here’s the deal…

Remembering past lives is fun and all… but what are you going to DO with it?  How can you get down to work with the gifts that you are remembering?  That is our collective intention and mission for the Rising Lemuria experience.  Every time we come together, I am asking these questions: How can this become more practical?  How can we embody these magical, Lemurian concepts and memories?  What can we do to bring these experiences back into reality, back into our communities and our families, in a way that makes a difference to those around us?

I want you to live a magical life, beyond your wildest dreams, and I know it is necessary for your life to be accessible and inspiring to others.  In order for you to be successful and prosperous in the world you have to transform your Karma into your Dharma.  You did not come here to play small.  You came here to make a difference.  Together we can do this.  Together we can resource our memories from the past and bring them into the present in service to our collective future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When does the course start?
A: The course begins with the first module TBA.

Q:  When does enrollment close?

A:  TBA.

Q:  Is this an online course or in-person?

A:  This course is held entirely online!  You can join from anywhere in the world!

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Yes! I love payment plans!  See above for details & choose the plan that works best for you!

Q:  Do you offer other payment plans than the ones listed above?  I’d like to be able to pay over 4-5 months, is that possible?

A:  I totally understand where you are, and the resonant call to do this work, ringing in your heart.  AND in my greater vision, something like  this is always undertaken from a position of empowerment.  We do not offer other payment plans besides the two listed above.  It would be too much for my team to manage everyone having different payment plans happening at different times, so we choose to keep it simple.

The financial commitment can feel like a stretch, but in a good way – one that inspires you to rise to the challenge – as opposed to one that gives you anxiety about how you’re going to make it all happen.  If you’re not in that place right now, that’s OK.  The course will be open again in November/December.

The medicine of this program is very profound, and I trust her completely.  She knows exactly when the best time for you to o this work is, and will always line things up in the best way.  Even if it feels scary, it will also feel supportive.  That’s how you know it’s the right time.  Trust that.

Q:  How does the monthly payment plan work?  Will the charge show on my statement each month, one month exactly from when I first paid?

A:  Yes, that is correct.  If you choose the payment plan, you will see the charge once per month, for six months, on the date you first paid.  For example, if you sign up and pay for your first payment on the 23rd, the remaining five installments will all pull on the 23rd of the following five months.

Q:  Will the LIVE calls be recorded if I can’t make it?
A:  Yes.  The recordings will be uploaded to our private member area within 24 hours.  You get unlimited replays of all LIVE sessions forever!

Q: Will I be missing out if I can’t make any of the LIVE sessions?  (For our European Lemurian Family Members, and others with busy schedules). 
A:  If you were able to enjoy the Remembering Lemuria content by watching the pre-recorded videos + recordings of our LIVE Discuss & Process video sessions, then I don’t think you’ll be missing out.  And since Rising Lemuria is a prerequisite for our Lemurian Leadership Training series, I would go ahead and go for it.

Q:  What if I decide I don’t want to ccontinue the course after I enroll?  What is your refund policy?
A: I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself, and take your intention to participate very seriously.  If for some reason you decide that you are not ready for Rising Lemuria within the first week,  send us an email and we will refund your tuition.  After the first week of content no refunds are offered, and you are fully responsible for your entire payment plan.  

Q: Will this course be offered again?

A:  Yes.  We offer Rising Lemuria twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the summer.



Have a question that we didn’t answer here?  Send us an email and we’ll answer your questions asap!

The Lemurian School Of Remembering

Level 1: REMEMBERING LEMURIA (offered 3 times per year): a 13 week adventure into the wisdom of your DNA, dreams, water alchemy, ancient Hawaiian/Lemurian plant medicine, Astrology, vocal empowerment, and color therapy to awaken ancient memories within you.

Level 2: RISING LEMURIA (offered twice per year):  a 13 week adventure to deepen the ancient knowing within through Lightwork Shamanism, star songs and vocal alchemy, embodied Astrology, Crystalline Dragon Kundalini practices, Lemurian Fern Medicine, and connections with Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Avalon. Each of these experiences is designed to ground the Lemurian frequencies into empowered Service and offerings to the community.

Level 3: LEMURIAN LEADERSHIP Priestess/Priest Training: (offered once per year): Practical application of gifts & review for Lemurian Remembering Ceremony facilitation.

Level 4: LEMURIAN ALLIANCE Priestess/Priest In-Person Training (offered once per year):  an in-person training held on Maui/Kauai/Australia/Mount Shasta.

Collective Lemurian School of Remembering retreat held once per year (at least) where all members of the Lemurian School get to apply what they have learned so far & co-facilitate or receive the Lemurian frequencies depending on their current level in school.

Single Astrology sessions are available at any point, and the Lemurian Mentorship Program is available in Rising Lemuria and Lemurian Leadership levels.

I am SO beyond grateful that you are considering continuing on this sacred journey with me.  There are still parts of me that struggle to believe that this dream is actually coming true.  With the birth of the Lemurian School of Remembering, I feel like so many disparate parts of my life have come to make sense.  This is what I want for you.  I dream that through these experiences of Remembering and Rising and launching into your Leadership, that we can anchor the Lemurian frequencies onto the Earth again.  I envision you as more empowered, more certain & clear in the direction of your life, more financially successful, and living a life full of loving, harmonious relationships – all because you were courageous enough to dive into your path to reclaim your future.  I see you, I remember you, and I am SO ready to RISE together!

With radiant love and oceans of gratitude to you,

Let’s do this!

Photos by CadenciaIn Her Image PhotographyInfinity Photography HawaiiKelley Chapman, Teal & Teal, Rakai’el Webb, Marya Stark, Achintya Devi, Danielle Noel, and Ke’oni Hanalei.