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The Remembering Lemuria Experience

The call of Lemuria beckons to your heart, Old Soul.   You know you are one of the Ancient Ones.  You have been here assisting the Earth on her mission of Ascension for ages.  You find resonance with the frequencies of Ancient Egypt, Avalon, Greece, and Atlantis… and even before then…  you feel the whispers of the Star Elders from long long ago speaking to you in your dreams…  Flashes of other lifetimes in other places catch you off guard on long drives or while you are walking the dog…. Visions of an Ancient Future Past compel you to research and explore what might have been…. 

Could it really be true?

I am SO excited you are considering continuing on our path that we began together in the Remembering Lemuria experience.  Now we are ready to continue to open to the codes of light that are living inside of us, activating the ancient wisdom within – and most importantly – RISE from the slumber of forgetting and BRING these remembered gifts back into our communities and families as sacred offerings of service.

*PLEASE NOTE: Rising Lemuria is only open to those who have completed the Remembering Lemuria experience, the first level of the Lemurian School of Remembering.  If you are just beginning your journey of remembering please visit the Remembering Lemuria page. 

  • Do you love Sound Healing?
  • Do you want to become a (better) Sound Healer?
  • Are you ready to NEXT LEVEL your Sound Healing offerings?
  • Are you fascinated by Sound Healing, and dream of leading Sound Ceremonies one day?
  • Do you go to as many Sound Baths as you can, listen to Sound Healing music while you work or before bed?
  • Do you have Crystal Singing Bowls, or other Sound Healing instruments that you don’t use that often?

I’m sharing EVERYTHING I know about Sound Healing.  All levels welcome! 

Reclaim your light

You know what it’s like…

– Suddenly you look up from your phone and over an hour has gone by, when you only meant to text one person.
– You find yourself having text/email conversations with people inside you head when you’re not even on your phone or near your computer.
– After you make a vulnerable post/email, you nervously check your phone every 10 minutes for about an hour, and then end up deleting the entire post because you can’t deal with the stress. 

I know what it’s like too.  That’s why I created the Digital Energetic Hygiene course just for you!  RECLAIM YOUR LIGHT.

Music to Help You Remember Who You Are

You have hidden talents, gifts, wisdom, and healing abilities lying dormant in your DNA.  You have this sense that you are here for great things, but you don’t quite have all the pieces yet.  Remembering Lemuria is designed to help you awaken those ancient-future memories that are slumbering within you.  Remember your starseed lineage.  Reclaim your galactic inheritance.  Contains Meditones to enhance your meditation experience.

Digital Courses

Are you ready to learn how to become both more authentic AND more profitable through Instagram?  Are you ready to discover your Energetic Signature and find your tribe?  
The Energetics of Instagram is affordable and accessible than ever!  

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