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About Lemurian Quartz Crystals:

Lemurian Seed Crystals are incredibly special crystals unlike any other crystals in the world.  Each one of them contains within it codes that were embedded and programmed into it from a previous timeline – which was when these crystals were utilized in the temples and in the sacred spaces in Lemuria.  Some of them were even carried over into Atlantis.

On each crystal, you will see what looks like bar codes.  Those are doorways into opening and accessing information.  They say that in meditation, you can actually unzip the barcodes and open up the information that has been encoded into the crystals.  Lemurian crystals are not like clear quartz or other crystals that can be programmed.  Lemurian crystals cannot be programmed, because they already have existing programs within them that contain the information that was encoded during the time of Lemuria.

They say that whenever a Lemurian crystal comes into your physical experience in this lifetime, whether you purchased it for yourself because you were guided to do so – or someone gifts it to you – it is because that crystal has a consciousness all of its own (they are very smart beings!).  Through its magnetic abilities of organizing synchronicity in the quantum field, the crystal has caused itself to be dug up at a certain time, to be purchased by a certain person, then to be sold in a specific store, or to be gifted from one person to another person, or to have been lost so that another person could find it.  These crystals are very savvy and they find their way to their previous owners who were the ones who programmed them during the time of Lemuria.


Why these particular Lemurian Seed Crystals are extra special:


These particular Lemurian crystals are from a very special place in the Serra do Cabral mountains in Brazil – the only place where Lemurian crystals are found.  The locals call the area Lemuria, and it is a very old sacred site where the caves where the crystals are mined have ancient paintings inside. 

These Lemurian Seed crystals have also been activated by being blessed by the waters here in Maui, in the Sacred Valley, ĪAO.  Rakai’el carried all of the crystals deep into the Valley and submerged them in the crystalline waters one by one.  When each crystal emerged from the water, its energy was even stronger! 

This sacred place is called the Valley of the Moon, Hale Mahina (The House of the Moon).  This is also a corresponding Sacred Space to Haleakalā, the House of the Sun.  This is the sacred water temple of the divine feminine, here on Maui, which is ancient Lemuria.  The ancient pre-Polynesian Hawaiian story about the waters of this sacred valley is that even in modern times, they can’t pinpoint the exact origin of the River here, so deep within the West Maui mountains, (inside of ĪAO Valley, inside of Haleakalā) it’s the 2nd wettest place in the world, 2nd to deep within the Rainforest in Kauai. 

According to ancient Hawaiian pre-Polynesian storylines, this River comes from the Pleiades.  The elders would teach that if you had a question for your ancestors, you could go to the River and whisper your question into the waters, and the waters would flow through the River, across the land, down into the Ocean, and then they would travel back up to the Stars to the Pleiades, and they would come back down so you could sit next to the River and receive the answer to your question. 

There was a marked difference between the crystals before they were blessed in the water, and when they were blessed after the water.  They are  highly activated, blessed in the River, on the Full Moon in Scorpio so they have deeply resonant codes that are for powerful transformation, activation, and the necessary death and rebirth that occurs once we release our programming from the collective culture, the collective ego, and all of the programming, all of the shoulds of how our lives are meant to be, and we are reborn into our sovereign authentic heart-based selves, and that is really aligned to who we were in Lemuria.  

May they serve your Highest Self, and benefit all beings everywhere.  

A Note About Choosing Your Lemurian Quartz Crystal(s):

We chose not to put written descriptions of each of the crystals and their particular attributes because we really wanted them to speak for themselves.  We really wanted the Remembrance and the reuniting of you with your crystal (that you programmed for yourself so many lifetimes ago) to be really based on a heart knowing and not on an intellectual understanding of the different properties of the crystals.

That said, some of the crystals have beautiful and amazing clarity, others have inclusions that produce rainbows and sparkling cities, some of them have larger faces and receive information, whereas other ones are more pointed and more for directing energy, some of them are more smokey, and some of them are more clear.

As you are looking through the crystals, really just take a moment before you begin to look, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, and really begin to breathe into that part of yourself that remembers encoding information and knowledge and wisdom into these crystals during the time of Lemuria.  Tune yourself into the messages that you wanted your future self to find, to remember when you would find these crystals on this website hundreds of lifetimes later.

Take a moment to really tune into those messages, that energy, and that wisdom you wanted yourself to have at this particular time – and from THAT place begin to make your selection and listen with your heart for the resonance of remembrance.

And have fun!  🙂 

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