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Rachael Webb solved the branding crisis I didn’t know I had. I recommend her work to anyone interested in showing up online in a new paradigm way, and growing a readership of aligned and raving Souls.

Jillian Anderson

Spiritual Business Strategist for Aspiring Authors

I noticed so much personal development since working with Rachael. I have allowed many fears to be dropped and I became responsible for my own happiness. I didn’t realize I was putting blame on other people and outer circumstances, but many of my issues were self induced and that meant I could change them by myself! My relationship and life is filled with true happiness and unconditional love. I LOVED the way Rachael held space for me to blossom into this QUEEN that lives in line with my heart. The way I love myself and others has expanded. During our work together I felt an awakening in my Higher Heat Chakra that spread this warm and bubbling loving energy to every cell of my being. Jessica Sage

Mystical Feminine Leadership, Waikiki, Hawaii

The flexibility and dynamism of this program allows magic to transpire. So many programs are so written in stone, that they write out of the playbook untapped potential, individualism, freedom….. Rachel is wonderful at guiding the form of sessions and the medicine you need as it unfolds in the present now moment. And it incorporates SO much…. healing, astrology, financial planning, manifestation, art, meditation, sorcery, strategic business advising…. More real and more mystical simply does not exist. It’s coaching delivered in the Starseed language! I have found clarity of my purpose, my energy expressed through color and archetypes and a profound acceptance and compassion for myself. I feel more confident about standing up and using my voice and innate gifts. I am quicker to catch any excuses or fears that creep up, and I now have a greater toolkit on what to do if I feel discomfort about working my magic. This place of connection, acceptance and stillness is just where I want to be to unleash my voice and service into the world. Its like I was standing on the other side of the threshold of the life I imagined for myself, the Catalyst program and Rachael have brought me to the door.

Clare de Ruiz

Healer, Meditator, Artist, Student, Teacher, Cancun, Mexico

Since beginning my work with Rachael, I have developed a strong inner strength, confidence and optimism, and an ability to go with the flow & not make both life & business decisions from a place of survival or desperation. Now I am able to recognize when I am being tested and to stay on my path. I still get wobbly sometimes, but my recovery is faster, and I no longer make decisions based on being knocked off my solid footing. I can recognize it, explore it, recover, and move on without it interfering with my business or happiness. I LOVE the feelings of positivity and optimism that result in our work. I always end sessions feeling resolved, relaxed and ready to face what lies ahead.

Lisa Anderson Shaffer

Artist & Entrepreneur, Fairfax, CA

The biggest change that I have noticed from working with Rachael is a deep sense of calm and peace in myself and with my work. I remember to breathe when I am feeling anxiety, and to bring myself out of it. My to do list often feels overwhelming, but I feel the bigger picture now with so much gratitude. I am more brave about sharing my own story on social media, and not creating such a separation between business and my personal life. I am playing with my energetic signature, and creating a style that resonates with what I am attracting.

Amy Rudometkin

Real Estate Agent, Maui

Rachael’s energy is exceptional. She heals using all sorts of methods – but that’s not what’s extraordinary about her work. The way she changes her clients is by being open, kind, generous, accepting, at peace, and transformed herself. She lives a life of joy and synchronicity. She is what she creates in the world – light.


Speaker, Model, Writer, San Francisco & abroad

Rachael’s self-exploratory journey is a reflection of some of my own questions as an explorer of the subtle, of the inner, the magical and the transformative. Her support of me speaking my truth has helped me relax into my own realization.

Mari Sierra

Experience Designer, Digital Nomad, Worldwide

Rachael’s work has a comprehensive quality that I have not found anywhere else. The coaching mixed with the healing sessions allowed for my emotions and pain to become unstuck. Rachael helped me to find a deep sense of peace that had been missing in my life.

Claire B.

Photographer, Paris France

It felt like Rachael was my big (spiritual) sister! I learned so much from her. She is such an inspiration to me with respect to the importance of living your truth and following your heart. That being said, she wasn’t afraid to bring out the tough love when it came down to it, especially with my negative self talk. I loved how The Catalyst was totally personalized to me, meeting me where I was at while still pushing me deeper. I appreciate that she wasn’t just trying to mold me into her! I felt like she were totally present with me in each session, and I gained a strength from that. I have been known to lose focus and flake out halfway through other coaching programs, but I felt fully motivated to do my homework and actually tune into myself for once. I was genuinely sad when it was over. It was the first coaching program that I’ve done where I fully trusted the investment right off the bat!

Laura Hughes

Writer, soul seeker, founder of, Toronto, Canada

Working with Rachael made me a true believer in the power of energy healing. She’s also helped me see that shifts can happen quickly as long as I am willing and open. Now when I have headaches or feel overwhelmed, I am working on holding the space for myself to shift the energy first. I’m so grateful to have met her.

Meredith Rom

Spiritual Entrepreneur,

I love that Rachael calls it like it is. I love that she is unafraid to go to the edges of the cosmos, but that she is also so firmly planted in this physical reality. Every moment of working with Rachael felt safe and guided, but also like a totally brazen adventure that we both had signed up for a one way ticket on, knowing that we would not be the same at the end of the journey, and that the journey never ends. Rachael is timeless and universal. Her knowledge across different spiritual paths, studies, and deities is so deep and pure, unclouded by her opinion, because she is constantly engaging from a place of truth & trust in her divine wisdom. She holds the container so I feel safe to go to the extremes, to go to the uncomfortable places, but all the while this beautiful soft pillowy cloak of integrity kept us safe, warm, and connected at the heart. That is where the true transformation happens and I love that she knows how to create that space.


Senior UX Designer, San Francisco

Rachael is a vessel of love – a healer in the most profound sense. She is careful in sharing her gifts with those who can truly respond to and appreciate and respect them, and I have so much respect for that self-preserving, self-protecting, self-respecting approach. She not only treats, she teaches and models the life possibilities she hopes to reveal. She listens with a tender heart, a sharp mind, and a universal spirit – one could not ask for more support than she brings to each session, with focus and attention that makes you feel you are her only client.


Integral Therapist, San Francisco

Since our time together, the amount of change and transformation that has occurred in my life and in my business has been immeasurable. I have completely stepped out of the magic closet. I embrace who I am more and more each day and I feel more in alignment with my truth than I ever have. Rachael provided a safe space for me to explore and navigate this magical world of spirituality. I have established an insanely supportive tribe of fellow lightworkers that I can go to anytime I need support and healing. I now see how much my magic is needed and can’t wait to put more of it out there every single day!

Brittany Chaplin

Intuitive Healer and Guide, Oskaloosa, KS

Rachael has the incredible gift of spiritual vision. If you allow her, she can peer into your universe and show you truths and revelations that you would have never recognized. I told her about a very troubling issue in an important part of my world, and she was able to shatter all the guilt I had accumulated over the years, open my eyes to see the issue in a new light, and empower myself with new ideas to help me move forward in the right direction… all in just 10 minutes. I’ve never met anyone like her, and I’m very fortunate to have done so. She’s a true healer with holistic insight and a gentle spirit, and nothing but love and light to share with the world.

Kat S.

Nurse Anesthesist, San Francisco

Working with Rachael is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. She intuitively gets to the root of the issue, and helps me see what’s going on in my life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – in a new way… and how they’re all connected. I’ve noticed that for the week after a session, magic happens. I have more insight into myself, areas of my life that have been blocked suddenly clear, and I catapult forward with whatever area of my life I’m working on.

Martine H.

Creative Entrepreneur, San Francisco

Rachael is fearless in her transformation and owning her journey. I am inspired by the way she wholeheartedly lives her truth. She shares the real, and the vulnerable, encouraging others to do the same.


Senior Design Strategist, Palo Alto

Our work together was a full mind, body and soul experience. During our session, all of my senses were activated and fully aligned. And the best thing is that I returned to my life with a firm conviction (I have activities & personal reminders) that it’s up to me to stay in this balanced space upon re-entering the chaotic world. I feel that Rachael and I have co-created an incredible opportunity in my life for my further unfoldment.

Taisha Rucker


The Energetics of Instagram – Six Week Course
I wanted to personally reach out and tell you thank you. Wow! Since signing up I’ve had massive inner & outer shifts-already! And honestly, I’m just about to do the energetic signature meditation! I am pacing myself and feel the expansiveness setting into my cells. Amazing! One of my favorite things so far is how I can feel so much changing with my style of sharing and the fear of putting it out there! Like my last posts, the words are coming with more ease, more focus and potency. It’s incredible! Just had to tell you….! Alyssa


Before this class I was noticing my resistance to posting authentic shares, my judgement and comparison to other people who are similar to me, and my insecurity that came from that. I wanted to learn how to utilize IG as a tool to support my growth, share my knowledge with, and create more followers for my offerings. It felt good to invest in myself in this opportunity for learning and pushing myself past my comfort zone. Now I have definitely become more open in my shares, more vulnerable and less superficial. I’ve noticed that as I’ve become more transparent, more magic has started to flow, and I’ve started to feel more supported by my tribe. The biggest take away from this experience is that I have been reunited with my faith in magic!

Noelani Love

HAWAII Designer, Musician and Lightworker, @noelanilove

I’ve seen the ripple effects of when I share more about my own process that can be inspiring and have a positive effect on other people. Several people have shared with me their stories of how certain things impacted them. I have had new people come to the studio because they were following me in Instagram and felt they were aligned with what we are doing here. Bethany Miller

Yoga Studio Owner,

There have been many transformations I have noticed in my life during out work together. Most of these changes revolve around the presence of self and the ability to be aware of my surroundings. When we started, I used too many excuses for why I lived the life I was living, without understanding why I made the choices I did. Having the ability to use Rachael as a sounding board has been extremely rewarding. I can now live in the moment for myself instead of just doing what made other people happy.


Entrepreneur, San Francisco

Thank you for your patience and for holding space for us as we go forth in our business endeavors. You are a light in this world Rachael and I am so grateful for you inspiring me and reminding me that it’s safe to go out there and be me! You gave me permission to show my face and to be vulnerable in sharing my gifts with the world. Sabrina Riccio

Soulistic Practitioner, Bohemian Priestess, Spiritual Guide, @shamanessagoddessa

Instagram is more fun and playful, I leave comments more freely & am more confident about sending people messages and replying to engagement. I notice that I’m more thoughtful when posting, that the spiritual aspect of my business doesn’t hide anymore, and I’m getting comfortable sharing & showing the personal side of my business (aka – me!). I see the value of connecting with people through having a unique small business, rather than trying to seem more ‘official’ or make it look bigger than it is.

Monica Ditzler

Panty Priestess, @harmonicadesign

Private Coaching

During a recent session I was trying to decide a career path. I was at a crossroads. Having given notice to my current employer, they had countered and offered me more money, time off, etc. It was s simple exercise, but Rachael walked me through my recent work experiences. Through her guidance I was able to discover how these situations truly made me feel, making the final decision simple, empowering and uplifting.

Brianna Boedecker

Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, San Francisco & abroad

I honestly feel like I am able to recognize unneeded drama and negative energy, and I have the ability to honor myself more by surrounding myself with my own beautiful energy and light. A lot has changed, I feel completely new and rejuvenated. I’ve learned how to respect myself more, how to respect and honor others, and started a path were I am learning to trust my higher self and say YES when I want to say yes and NO when I want to say no.

Jenna Mingledorff

White Magic Witch, Healer, Florida

Rachael and I have embarked on a path of discovery and freedom. She has nudged me on certain things that I had refused to see. She does this in a very kind and gentle way, but her message is crystal clear. Now I am much quicker in understanding what my lessons are.


Executive, San Francisco

When the big things in my life feel like problems that need to be fixed, Rachael validates these feelings of bigness, while offering a small pivotal change in perspective to show me how overcomable any challenge is. In other words, she validates the “problems” while offering a unique clarity of truth for real healing to take place.

Angela M.

Writer & Adventurer, Australia & abroad,

Through my work with Rachael, I have found myself to be more stable and grounded, and I recognize the link between my emotions and health. Now I value myself as a person and my health above other competing factors in my life. I have learned to set healthy boundaries that benefit everybody in my life. I have learned to trust my instincts and intuition now more than ever. I trust more in the universe.

Shannon Griffin

Spiritual Entrepreneur, San Francisco

Since working with Rachael I have become aware of my body and it’s issues. I have learned to listen close enough to make changes in behaviors, and when I can’t see the connections Rachael connects the dots.

Dava G.

Creative Director, Sa

I am now able to recognize my negative emotions (anger, anxiety, sadness) and see them almost as a physical thing existing in my body (stomach, shoulders). I am now able to sit with them and watch them wash away. This was something I was never able to do before and I would let myself get carried away. I can hear Rachael’s voice saying “you are in control of your experience.” It is such an amazing tool to have.

Skye Smith

Model, San Francisco

Rachael helped me heal and find strength within myself to live more freely, doing the things that I want to do. There is no greater gift.

Brian B.

UX Designer & Educator, South Africa

The most delightful part about my experience with Rachael was the way she totally embodies the integration of mindfulness and emotional well being with physical health. The sacred space that she creates enabled me to come out of the cloud of negative energy into a positive space. Annu Y.

Design Strategist, San Francisco

Rachael is a goddess. She takes you by the hand as she cuts through the mundane and leads you gently to the sacred – confidently, comfortably, and with gentle humor. Each session is magical and transformative. And trust me, little shifts add up to big change!

Jennifer L.

Senior Design Lead, San Francisco

Rachael’s insight and intuition never ceases to amaze me. I find myself coming to her for guidance time and time again. I recommend Rachael’s healing work to anybody looking to deepen their spiritual understanding & path, and for people who desire to learn how to access the storehouse of energy & inner wisdom that already exists within them.

Olive C.

Film Director & Producer, San Francisco

I humbly bow to the epic brilliance of your personal journey.

With all my heart,

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